Is social media ruining our self-esteem?

How often have you found yourself staring at the explore page on Instagram and instantly being depressed because you resemble nothing like the girls on there with long legs, long healthy hair and abs of steal? Yeah, me too.I sit there feeling like a potato. ALL THE TIME. Social media now has a massive impact… Continue reading Is social media ruining our self-esteem?

Sugar Coated Happiness

I know for a fact, that all of us healthy eaters cannot wait for their re-feed. Admit it, you sit there at your desk and dreaming about it or when your sat with your co-workers at lunch and they’re sat eating a donut or two and you’re eating what can only resemble rabbit food, you’re thinking about it.Who would know that 1 meal could bring you so much happiness? It’s kind of hard not too, when it’s sugar piled on sugar. As much as I love a treat meal, I enjoy the fact it’s only once a week. I like knowing that I’m fuelling my body with good energy sources and good food throughout the week and i’m allowed a treat on the weekend.

Treat days go one way and one way only – Waking up a lot later than anticipated, starving and excited for the day to be over so you can be sat in your jammies eating what the hell you like and why? Because you can and you deserve it.

Today, we headed into Town to take a few items back and have a look around… then all of a sudden the alarms started to ring in my head “I’m less than 10 minutes away from Kaspa’s”

kspa 1.jpg

Kaspa’s is a dessert restaurant that sell crepes, ice cream, waffles and warm cookie dough. What more could you ask for?  It’s like being in food heaven, literally.

1 Powergrante Smoothie and 1 Strawberry Indulgence later, I’m sat in bed with a food coma and food baby to match. As sick as I feel, I’m ready to smash the week now. Sometimes a cheat meal is a happy pill in blessing and one big kick in the butt.

No, 1 treat meal a week will not kill you. You will not loose all progress that you’ve made that week. Remember, it’s a cheat meal not a cheat day. One bad meal will not make you fat and one salad will not make you skinny.

But on that note, check this bad boy meal out.