Morning sun ☀️ 

Well summers almost over and what have you achieved?
I’ve got myself out of a toxic relationship, bought myself a new car, made so many great memories with my friends and I’ve had some good food. I’ve learnt to put myself first and how to be more ruthless. ‘Tis perfect, I’m so happy rn 😛
Isn’t it weird to think summer is practically over and we’ve had like 4 sunny days in the UK? Typical. I’d love to pack up and move to a sunny country but I’m too much of a home bird. I’d be face-timing my parents every other second. 
I have a holiday v soon and I am not wardrobe ready. It’ll also be my first holiday since having a boob job and I’m so excited to feel confident in a bikini top without it having so much padding you could shoot me and the padding would protect me from the bullet. 🔍
The girls and I are off to Portugal for 5 days. It’ll be a nice little get away before they all go back to university and work again. I haven’t been on holiday for 3 years and since then I’ve gained so much weight I need a brand new wardrobe but I’m so fussy with clothes I’m struggling so bad. So pls send me clothes website recommendations.

Enough of a life update – here’s a picture update

Here’s my cousin Beth. After not seeing her in years we had a night out reunion and now I can’t get enough for her.  ❤️

Cardiff Food Fesitval (aka best hangover cure) 

Here’s a throwback of my cat Poppy sucking up the vitamin D. 

Bow, Vegas, Ulan and I @ Butepark, Cardiff.

Little things you cherish – cute dates with Jess 💛

The most up to date family picture we have (dad hates photos haha) 

Up to date body picture (ass picture) 

Cute little alone time walks. Clearing my head and mind 📖


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