Fresh start 😽

Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently. 

So much has changed in my life and I’ve just needed to take a step back and concentrate on myself. 

After months and months of being unhappy in my job – I got offered a new job. (Which I LOVE). It’s so much better to wake up and look forward to work. We spend the majority of our week in work, it’s soooo important that you enjoy it. Work shouldn’t have to affect your outside life.  (Pls don’t shout at call centre staff over the phone, they’re people too and going home upset over customers isn’t fair… I worked on the phones for car insurance and people were horrible. Basically felt like every day was a fight) 

So yeah, things were looking up… then my boyfriend of 4 years had left. It’s so strange how everything can change in such a small amount of time… 

Anyway, back to positive thoughts 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

Remember, everything happens for a reason. Pain is temporary and the future is brighter. If you’re sad just grab your best lippy, throw on your best smile and block out them negative vibes. 


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