Fitbit – good or bad? 

Let’s talk steps. What the UK average daily steps are around 10,000 yet most of us Brits are probably only hitting 6,000 a day. 

With the endless amounts of options for transport, we hardly rely on our good ole legs anymore. So, this year I made 10 different New Years Resolutions. I have been dedicated to one, the other nine are dead and gone. 💀

The one I stuck too, was walking more. Aiming for 10k steps a day. Originally, I was doing pitiful amount of steps daily. 
Yet now, I’ve made a load of different changes. Short cuts? Nu uh. You go the long way 🙅🏼‍♂️ I purposely park my car further than usual, so for work I usually walk about 30 mins before getting to work. As much as a pain it can be in horrid weather, it’s nice a relaxing method to leave work thoughts on the walk home. 

I’m also work in a Call Centre, so I’m not very mobile through out the day. Mostly sat on my butt. So I knew something had to change, I work on the 9th floor. I started walking up 4 flights daily until it no longer became a challenge, I know walk up 10 flights of stairs daily. Instead of taking the lift, yes it’s a pain… but you know what’s good? It takes less than 10 minutes and it means that I can get my steps in super quick! 
So to track my steps I use my Fitbit. Hands on my heart, this was the best present I’ve probably ever received. I love it. It has so many good features such as counting your heart rate, monitoring your sleep, silent alarms and also reminders to move. 
I was given the Fitbit Flex 2, which is kind of the basic version. Helps get people into walking and the mindset that walking is good and not a core. 
I did find that the straps got kinda grubby after a bit, so bought a load of colourful ones on eBay. Which is nice because now I can colour coordinate 🛍
The best thing about step counting is that the Fitbit doesn’t make it a core. It’s a competition, you can invite all friends with fitbits and it’s a step challenge! Although there’s no prize, it’s the satisfaction of your 10 mins extra waking here and here paying off. 💪🏼
I would recommend mine 100%. If you have a Fitbit, let me know we can challenge each other! Nothing like friendly competition 💪🏼

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