Recyclable Pots For Make Up Brushes! 

So my brushes keep falling and rolling everywhere and my patient is wearing thin. I can’t justify £20+ on a make up brush for it to end up on the floor (and potentially being stood on).

So, I’ve always bought little flower pots from Ikea and used them for my brushes, but they’d stain soooo easily. So what used to be a cute pastel pink, somehow turned into a grey pot from all the eyeshadow fall out. 

So this is what I came up with :- 

Old tin and soup cans! 
It took less than an hour. And you can get varied sized cans, I used a green giant swetcorn pot and a smaller soup pot to create smaller pots. The smaller pots are ideal for beauty blenders, hair bobbles, used eyelashes or even just your eye pencil sharpeners! 

Just paint the paper with old paint, apply some glitter, glue it to the can then create a bow!

 Tadaaaaa… I somehow managed to get paint all over the ribbon but they’re not meant to be perfect! But tip – use a washing peg to hold the bow in place – saves you sticking your fingers together… I say from experience 🙄

Simples! Hope you enjoy a quick go to DIY! 


5 thoughts on “Recyclable Pots For Make Up Brushes! 

  1. I like to buy some clear cups from the dollar store, or use candle containers after being used up! Also target has some really nice containers in the dollar section.
    Great idea, although I’d be scared to use a can for brushes afraid that any sharp parts would ruin them.

    Would love it if you would check out my blog 💖💖

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