Sunday funday 

How come Sundays come around soooo quick? One blink and you could miss the weekend completely. 

But this Sunday, my boyfriend was off to a Barbering Convention in Birmingham. So, I had to pre-occupy myself. With my parents also decorating their house, I kinda got the DIY bug too. 

It was warm but not warm enough to sun bathe, so I needed an excuse to be in the garden and actually not waste my day away . So I found an old tired looking chair and was inspired to give him a glow up. Does sanding something down class as exercise? My arms were burning but it was sooo renwarding tryint to transform it! 

So here he is at the beginning.

We had a load of paint left over from when we painted our sheds, so I decided to utilise these paints and make the garden a little more colourful, especially with summer coming soon! 

With just one colour I thought it looked a bit bland, however with it getting hotter, the paint was drying so quick. For once, the weather was on my side. A few bits of masking tape later… 

please excuse the fact he looks like I’ve dressed the chair as a mummy for Halloween! 👻 but gotta get those neat lines in! 

He’s completely transformed. Here’s my chairs glow up! Look how refreshed it looks now! But it’s crazy how a touch of paint can completely change your mind on seomthing. I was about to throw this chair away until I caught the DIY bug!  

So next time you’re about to throw out some old furniture,  see if it can be vamped up and recycle it! 🤷🏼‍♀️


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