Microbladed Part 2!

So six weeks ago, I decided to give up pencilling my brows. And it was the best decision EVER. Waking up and knowing you’ve just got to throw on some concealer and mascara and you’re done.  

I went to Two Rivers Tattoo Parlour in Penarth to get my brows microbladed. 

As I have no tattoos myself, I was really scared to enter and get my brows done. However, I went on a Sunday. And they use the studio for brows only on a Sunday. So perfect time to relax and not feel intimidated by the buzzing of the tattoo gun. 

The lady who did my brows was Martha, here’s here insta page, so you can see some fab brows 😻😻 @ishibrowart 

On the 6th week, you go back for a top-up. Just to see how everything’s healing and to give another coat. The brows itself last around a year. ONE YEAR WITHOUT FILLING BROWS? Heaven. 

So here’s my brow transformation….

Luckily, I wasn’t a victim of the tweezers in high school. However, unfortunately my eyebrow hair doesn’t grow! I was forever stuck with thin brows. Martha helped shape my brows a lot thicker and darker so that they suit my hair colour correctly. 

The treatment itself was £300 and that covers the top up too and I’m SO glad I’ve done it. It’s the best treatment, I love waking up with n fleeky brows.

Go have a stalk on her page.


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