MUST HAVE – OPLEX Hair Treatment DUPE! 

It is sooo important that we treat our hair correctly. Every day our hair goes through so much. Whether it’s being scrapped back into a tight pony tail, using high chemical hair products or not using heat protection. 

Whilst in my school days, god knows what was running through my mind, but I loved the look of damaged hair. I went through a stage of non stop bleaching my hair, it went every colour… red, purple, black, orange you name it. 

Over the years, I’ve been trying to get my hair back to a good condition. Trying to rewind my stupidity. And one thing I’ve found key 🔑 for healthy hair, is a good colour treatment and regular trims.

So, my hair dresser has advised me to get Schwarzkopf’s new colour treatment conditioner. It’s £3.99 and easily found in Superdrug. She knows that I love buying expensive shampoo but has said it’s the same texture and formula as the oplex treatments, I’m so glad I tried it. 

It is a secret god sent. Leave it on for 10 mins. Comb through and leave it do this job. Try it once a week and you’ll see a massive difference. 

Good luck 


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