Turning 21 

You know what I love? Birthday time. Whether it’s mine or anyone else’s – I LOVE IT. The preparation – balloons, signs cards etc. It’s so fun. Anyway yesterday, it was my 21ST birthday. 

Here’s how the day went! Hope you enjoyed following me around 🙂 

First things first – breakfast. Breakfast is key to a good day 🔑 and there is nothing better than a Bills breakfast! So, off Joe and I went to Cardiff Bay for some amazing breakfast and some good coffee. 

We both decided to have Bills Breakfast with extra beans. £8.95 for the meal, plus £1.30 for beans. It’s sooooo reasonable and It’s sooo filling. 

Once our stomachs were fill, off home we went. 

My brother and I, have our birthdays two days apart so it’s so expensive doing something for both days. Nathan chose a full day of paintball and evening cocktails. I chose bowling and a family meal. 

So off we went bowling, we are far from pros. (We even have the sides up) but there’s just something about bowling that brings out my competitive side… I have to win… and I did. I went with my brother, Nathan and his partner, Jodie. 

And to finish the day, we went for a family meal at Miller and Carter Steakhouse in Cardiff Centre. I chose the steakhouse because both my father and Jodie have dietary needs which they cater for. Anyway, the food was amazing and I am blessed to have had an amazing family to have spent it with.  


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