Key to long lasting lipstick 💄 

We all know the struggles of having your face glowing and finishing it off with a killer lip combo – then a few minutes later, your lippy has slided clean off.

I thought it was just me, maybe I wasn’t made to wear lipstick. But imagine having a lipstick that stayed on for hours without cracking or sliding off? 🙏🏻  is that even possible? YES

Is lip care that important for smooth application? Well yeah, kinda. I’ve always put a nourishing lip balm on daily. My go to lip balm is the Palmers Cocoa Butter Stick. It’s so creamy and leaves your lips feeling so good, however I was still finding a load of dead skin and cracked skin on my lips. 

I’ve tried the DIY hack to exfoliate your lips by using toilet paper… one word – disaster. It crumbled and left such a mess. I’ve tried using normal exfoliaters, however they’re too harsh for your lips. 

I was recently out buying a birthday present for a friend in Lush, Cardiff, and came across Lush’ Lip Scrub. It’s £5.75 and it comes in a load of different flavours :-

  • Bubblegum 
  • Chocolate 
  • Honey 
  • Mint julips 
  • Popcorn 

I picked up the Bubblegum and it is amazing, I can’t help but licking my lips after using it. 

It’s now become apart of my morning schedule. Wake up :- moisturise face/ body then use lip scrub followed by lip balm. I’ll then continue getting ready – leaving time for my lips to absorb the moister from my lip balm. Then BAM by the time it’s time to beat my face, my lips are smooth.

It’s crazy how one little change can have such an impact on the duration of your lippy. Exfoliating your lips gives them a nice clear base, so your lippy doesn’t stick onto cracked and dead skin. One little tip to make your lippy last so much longer. 

Keep slaying 


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