My top 5 all time favourite  make up Youtubers 

Hey loves,

YouTube is a wonderful thing, you can search a load of stuff from how to apply winged eyeliner to watching people fishing. It’s crazy how it’s become such a huge platform in the past few years.

I’ve always loved YouTube because it’s so easy to learn yourself things! Especially with make up, at the comfort of your home! So here’s my top 5 beauty Youtubers! 

1. Samantha Ravndahl

Isn’t she just beautiful? Also known as Batalash/ sssamanthaa. I’ve always loved her, she will go from natural glow ups to funky bright eyeshadows. She’s also owns the cutest dog, Arrow, who’s to die for. (Also the most photogenic dog I have seen) 

2. Nikki Tutorials 

It natural make up is your thing, you’re probably gonna wanna give it a miss with Nikki. However, if you’re looking for good full coverage foundations, a new highlighter or primer. Nikki is your go to girl. 

3. Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan or also known as Huda Beauty. Unless you’ve been under a rock over the past year, you’d have heard about Huda’s lash line or her new eyeshadow rose gold palette. I will admit, she isn’t as actively posting on YouTube as much, but she does have a beauty blog where she posts some good DIY beauty hacks and make up recommendations! 

4.  Carli Bybel 

Carli is my ultimate go to YouTuber if I’m ready to go full glam. Most looks are very dramatic and easy to recreate. She has a massive target audience ranging from a variety of ages. She’s wonderful and has the cutest cats. 

5. Jamie Genevieve 

And last and not least, the highlight queen. Again, Jamie isn’t the one for natural looks. They’re mostly quiet vibrant and full glam. But it’s so nice to have a UK make up blogger! She slays all of her looks. 

Check them all out and lemme know what your thoughts are and who are your favourite make up bloggers! 


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