Microblading – yay or nay?  

Tattoo’d brows, worth the craze or not? 

I’ve always had really fair and a thin eyebrows. For years, I’ve treated them well by trimming the hair, to leaving special oil on them and leaving them alone. And what did they do to repay me? Never grow. (And I know a lot of  people would love it if their eyebrows didn’t need plucking all the time, but when you want them to grow, it’s sooo frustrating.) 

I eventually plucked up the courage to get my eyebrows microbladed. After endlessly searching for the perfect brow artist, I found that had also mastered blonde brows (hallelujah). Her name was Martha and she works at Two Rivers Tattoo Parlour in the small town of Penarth, South Wales . 

The pain? It wasn’t that bad. (It was like the skin was being scraped. My eyes watered a lot) but the sound is a lot worse, it’s sounds like someone is de-icing their car. 

I’ve only had my first initial treatment, I have another top up appointment due in 6 weeks. 
But so far? I love them. It’s so much nicer to wake up knowing I don’t have to sort my brows out. It’s nice feeling confident with my brows. 

Here’s my before and after pictures, I love how much thicker they are and more defined shape. 

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