Is social media ruining our self-esteem?

How often have you found yourself staring at the explore page on Instagram and instantly being depressed because you resemble nothing like the girls on there with long legs, long healthy hair and abs of steal? Yeah, me too.I sit there feeling like a potato. ALL THE TIME.

Social media now has a massive impact on our day to lives… I’m the worst for it- as soon as I wake up, I’ll pick up my phone and scroll through all the apps, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter etc. It’s that bad, that it’s now a part of my morning routine. Why do we feel the need to catch up on what we missed out on when I was sleeping. Isn’t it crazy that we’re connecting our lives with a load of people we may NEVER meet. Yet, it’s now considered the norm.

Let’s be honest though, when you take a selfie, how often do you only take one and upload the first picture? Is that even a thing?! I’ll take 10 MINIMUM, take a while looking at them, and trying to find the nicest picture.  But isn’t it weird, the more you stare, the weirder you look? And the more you feel like a potato. And it’s the same with models you see, they’re usually flexed or posed and we forget this. We see beyond this and compare our-self to something that we will never be able to recreate unless posed or flexed… I’ve often found myself comparing to pictures with unnatural poses and being disappointed that I look nothing like it.

I will admit it, I’ve gone through times where I found being on social media so bad for my own health. I found myself constantly obsessing over these “fit chicks” and then standing there in the mirror crying because I look the total opposite. Taking a social media break was SO refreshing. Not comparing myself to anyone but myself. But it all of a sudden clicked, these people have usually gone through years of training. You’re not just gonna wake up one day with abs of steal. You gotta work for it and wait for the results to come. But when they come, they’ll feel so good.



We all see Instagram stars like Erin Budina, Ines Helene and Tammy Hembrow. With their high end life, with all these expensive branded clothes and shoes, amazing figures. Whilst the majority of us work 40+ hours a week, jump at any option of overtime and eat bad foods because “it’s easier” or “it’s quick”. But when will we all stop comparing ourselves to others and appreciating what we have? We all have loads to offer and I think as soon as we log into our social media account, we forget this. We see our-self as nothing, over weight and unsuccessful. WE ARE THE OPPOSITE!

We are all strong, don’t give up. Keep aiming towards your goal, appreciate and understand the current you whilst working on the better you. Slow and steady wins the race and remember STOP COMPARING YOURSELF! Period.



3 thoughts on “Is social media ruining our self-esteem?

  1. Love this super positive approach. Social media I think is to blame for a lot of these comparison related obsessions in todays culture but I love the way you put a positive spin on there at the end.

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